The Over Population Myth

The Supra-Elitists, wannabee rulers of the Earth, would have you believe that the Earth is overpopulated by the evil enemies of the planet, i.e. humans. It is an absurd lie. The population is projected to become, over the next decade or so, upwards of 9 billion from a 7 billion or so today. Let's put that into a real perspective. The North American Continent is over 6 billion acres: 6,051,601,450 acres. Now let us make that quarter acre lots: 24,206,405,800 quarter acre lots. Let's give every man, woman and child a quarter acre lot. You could easily give every human on the planet a quarter acre lot on the North American Continent and have 11,206,405,800 quarter acre lots left uninhabited or 2,801,601,450 acres still uninhabited, which would account for uninhabitable and national park areas easily. And the North American Continent is not the largest continent on planet Earth.

Why the lie and why do people fall for it? Because there has been an orchestrated design to move people from the rural areas all over the planet, through wars and planned tyranny driving them into congested cities that are over populated by design. Government regulation and intrusion upon rural populations, using natural disasters and government regulation as a ruse to drive people into large metros where the government and enforcement of government is facilitated. By creating the illusion of over population they can justify eugenics and extermination of large populations all in the guise of protecting the Planet.

Their supposed objective is a utopian world for only the Supra-Elites. The governments of the world, their puppets in DC and other councils of the world, even their worker minions in the United Nations will not be needed once their vision of their utopian rule is complete. But they are not doing this for peace. Even their utopian world will have conflicts of interests and turf wars. If they are so shallow they do not realize this they are fools. Or perhaps that is not even their design. Maybe their perpetual war is intended to extend the fear factor even into their utopia. Who knows? I only know that the so-called over population that is driving the proponents for eugenics programs and extermination of over 99% of the population of earth is pure nonsense.

You have the numbers now. Will you continue to follow your Masters to your own demise?  Hug a tree and have a nice day.

Where will you be when they come for you?

Michael A. Turley